Rental of travel bikes and equipment

To allow you to experience long bike trips, all Bike-Packer rental prices are discounted. We rent touring bikes : randonneuse (travel bikes with racing handlebars), trekking bikes and panniers suitable for different types of trips.
Dans nos packages vélo sont inclus plusieurs accessoires pour faciliter votre voyage à vélo.

Escape lightly with the microaventure packs.
A bike with a minimum of panniers for a light escapade!

A randonneuse with bikepacking bags or backpacks

Micro-aventure randonneuse pack

A Trekking bike with 2 panniers

Micro-aventure trekking pack

Go on an autonomous adventure with the expedition packs.
A fully equipped bike to put everything you need for multi-day adventures!

A randonneuse with 4 panniers

Expedition with a randonneuse

A trekking bike with 4 panniers

Expédition with a Trekking bike

You already have some of the equipment? Go for our simple packs.

Already have panniers or bikepacking bags?
Rent a randonneuse or a trekking bike


Already have panniers or bikepacking bags?
Rent a randonneuse or a trekking bike

Trekking bike

You already have a travelbike?
Rent our bikepacking panniers: 16,5L saddle bag, 4,5L frame bag, 3,5L handlebar bag.

Bikepacking bags

Accessories included for a well-equipped bike trip

Itinerary of your choice

Pack multi-région on GPS Komoot

Repair kit


* The packs are adaptable according to your desires and needs, do not hesitate to contact us for any possible adaptation!

We also rent : 

  • Trekking bags at 10€ per pair per day
  • An external battery at 5€ per day with decreasing prices
  • A trailer for children at 10€ per day!

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