On the roads of Belgian Limburg

Limburg is known for its exceptional cycling facilities and tourist attractions. This 2 to 4 day route will show you the cycling sights developed by the province as well as its mining history.

Fietsen Door De Bomen
In the forest of Bosland you can enjoy a unique cycling experience. You pedal between trees up to 10 meters high. This unusual bike path has been open since June 2019.

Fietsen Door Het Water
Immerse yourself underwater (or almost) by taking the “fietsen door het water” bike path in Bokrijk. You will ride more than 200 meters through a pond. The bike path opened in April 2016 and since then many cyclists and hikers pass by to experience the magic of this place.

C-mine is a creative mecca for artistic talent, clustered on a unique mining heritage site. After your day, take a coffee break in this industrial setting full of history. Take time to walk through the labyrinth and visit an art exhibition.

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Want to try the adventure? All the information about the region can be found at https://www.visitlimburg.be/fr.

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  • Departure station: Lommel
    Arrival station: Saint-Tronc
    Number of kilometers: 170 km
    Travelling time: 2-4 days

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